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Experience Emotional Healing Through Art

Discover Healing Through Art with Our Art4Healing Method

Sometimes, words can’t fully capture the depth of our emotions and experiences. That’s where the Art4Healing method steps in. I believe in the incredible power of the creative process to heal, communicate, and transform. Our Art4Healing workshops are your opportunity to explore, express, and heal through abstract painting.

Art4Healing Workshop Details

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
Who: Everyone is welcome – no prior art experience needed

Workshop Topics


“A Look Inside the Body”: A class for Cancer Survivors.
“Living with Chronic Illness”: Dealing with any type of chronic illness.


“Your Life”: Helps you examine your life.
“Your Renewed Mind”: Helps you get rid of negative talk and find peace.
“Painting My Story”: Exploring your life.


“Expressing Feelings with Color”: Helps you connect with your emotions.

How Art4Healing Works

    1. Our method is all about empowering you to find new ways to communicate through color. Abstract painting becomes your language, allowing you to express emotions and experiences that might be difficult to put into words. This creative process encourages emotional breakthroughs and healing.

Pricing & Payment Plan

$100.00 Non-refundable deposit: To secure your date and applied to the workshop fee.
Workshop Fee (1-10 people): $280.00
Additional Participants: $10.00 per person
Please note that the deposit is non-refundable, and the balance is due at the start of the workshop.

Join Me on this Sacred Journey

Are you ready to embark on a journey of emotional healing and self-discovery? Our Art4Healing workshops offer a safe, supportive, and creative environment to help you find your voice through art.
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