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Finding Healing and Joy through Expressive Art Therapy: A Conversation with Shellise Berry


Welcome to “Word on Wealth,” the Finding Joy Friday edition. While we usually discuss finances from Monday to Thursday, Fridays are reserved for something special. We explore how to find joy during difficult times. Life isn’t just about dollars and cents; it’s about nurturing our emotional well-being too.

Today, we have a very special guest with us, artist Shellise Berry. Shellise is a certified expressive art practitioner, and her journey is inspiring. Her art, which she calls “Holy Graffiti,” serves as a medium for self-expression, healing, and spiritual connection. We’ll dive into her world and explore how expressive art therapy can help us navigate life’s challenges.

Getting to Know Shellise:

Gary: Shellise, welcome to the Word on Wealth Finding Joy Friday. How are you today?

Shellise: Thank you for having me, Gary. I’m doing well, and I’m excited to be here.

Gary: We’re thrilled to have you on the show. Please tell us a bit about yourself. What led you to become an expressive art practitioner?

Shellise: Absolutely, Gary. My name is Shellise Berry, and I am a certified expressive art practitioner. I received my training from the Newport Beach Expressive Art Training Institute, which was a year-long program. During this training, I explored various art forms, including visual arts, sand play, drama, poetry writing, storytelling, music, and dance. That’s when I discovered my love for painting. I’ve been painting since 2012 and have created over 65 paintings since then.


How Expressive Art Therapy Works:

Gary: That’s impressive, Shellise. Now, for our listeners who might be unfamiliar, could you explain how expressive art therapy works and how it can help with mental health and emotional challenges?

Shellise: Certainly, Gary. Expressive art therapy is a powerful approach because it taps into how our brains work. As humans, we think in pictures before we convert thoughts into words. Traditional therapy may take a long time to uncover deeply buried issues, but expressive art allows emotions to surface more quickly.

In a session, whether with a practitioner or through self-guided art, you start with a blank canvas. As you paint or create, emotions and thoughts emerge, and these are reflected in your artwork. The process is highly intuitive, guided by your inner self and often, as I believe, by the Holy Spirit. It’s therapeutic because it helps you confront and process complex emotions in a non-verbal way.


Practical Steps to Start Healing:

Gary: That’s fascinating. Shellise, if our listeners want to start their healing journey today, what practical steps can they take?

Shellise: I encourage everyone to find creative ways to express themselves. You don’t need to be an artist; you just need to be open to trying. Here are two simple steps to begin:

1.            Daily Journaling: Start and end your day with journaling. During your morning devotion, ask the Lord to speak to you. Listen and write down any thoughts or images that come to mind. This practice helps connect with your inner self and the divine.

2.            Sketch Your Inspiration: As you journal, if you visualize an image or symbol that speaks to you, sketch it in your journal. The emphasis is not on perfection but on capturing what resonates with you. These symbols can carry powerful personal meanings.


Closing Thoughts:

Gary: Shellise, these are fantastic suggestions. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us today. For our listeners, you can reach Shellise at chaliceberry@gmail.com or call her at 702-721-9020. And don’t forget to visit her website, berriesdivinedesigns.com, to explore her art and workshops.

Shellise, thank you for being on the show. We’d love to have you back sometime soon.

Shellise: Thank you, Gary. It’s been a pleasure, and I’d be delighted to return. Have a wonderful day, everyone.


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